Tip of the hat

Tip of the hat

It would be much harder and way more expensive for both myself and my clients without the Open Source Software(OSS) movement, so a tip of the hat is very much in order.

To Oliver and all the cool folks at Information Architects for their WordPress theme endeavours, thanks – you have saved me from myself!

While I develop sites for a living, spending a lot of time on my own site is something I have done in the past, but now realise that whatever I do to showcase my work, I will always want to keep coming back to it and tinkering with it. Opting to use iA3 for WordPress, forces me to focus on my clients sites and not mine. iA3 takes care of the heavy lifting for me, and I can focus on getting my clients work done.

Then of course there is WordPress itself and the team at Automattic. What began as a humble blogging application has transformed itself I believe, into one of the best content management systems there is.

I get WordPress to jump through hoops and do some really cool things, and all in the knowledge that ongoing improvements and updates from the WordPress team will slot into place, with no major headaches – The same cannot be said for many other systems. So again, a tip of the hat.

Then there is the LAMP stack, or Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. A colossal stack of hundreds if not thousands of open-source man hours effort, free to the world. Without it, the Internet would be a very different place.

I thank-you.