Lives near Nelson, New Zealand

Information Technologist
  • Enterprise Architect
  • *Nix Systems Engineer
  • Proponent of Open Source

nMac – say “ehn-mack” is the online home of Neil MacNeil – strange but true.

He’s been working with IT since the Eighties, way before the words “world wide web” were even conceived.

Designing, implementing and managing complex I.T systems is what he does.

He’s worked in Education as an Associate Professor, the Public Sector and for corporates like Unilever, Cadbury, Spark and Air New Zealand. He had a long stint as a consultant with Deloitte and later with EY, he founded a startup back when it was the thing to do, and worked for himself for many years.

These days, Enterprise Architecture takes up most of his work time.

nMac lives with his amazing wife and equally amazing boys with their Bergamasco dogs (to keep the Tigers away), high in the hills near Nelson, New Zealand.

A proud Scot, New Zealand has been his adopted home for over 25 years. In all that free time (?) nMac hikes, bikes, paraglides, climbs, skis and catches trophy brown trout on number 16 dry flies – sometimes all in the same day.

His boys agree that he is very good at cooking eggs.